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Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2018 12:04 PM
Subject: RECAP: Don. Reasons For Using NWS Warranties + Best Sales Strategies



National Warranty Services

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26/04/2018 12:04.


NWS. Australia's biggest and best 3rd Party Warranty company.

Used by more people than any other Australian warranty company.

Used by more Resellers than any other Australian warranty company.


Hi there Don!

Look, we hope things are going great at NCS Computer Services [333333].

But one simple and effecive way to really compete with Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, and all those guys, or Dell, or other local and on-line computer shops is by incuding a much better service solution.

That is, a premium high priority Australia-wide local on-site warranty.

Stop them canniblising your sales and stealing your existing and your potential customers?

And if Harvey Norman and The Good Guys can sell heaps of warranties for 'fridges and washing machines, how hard can it be to sell a warranty for something so critical, and much more likely to fail, as a PC or server or notebook? :-))

Think about it! They sell warranties to their customers, probably including you, like they are going out of fashion (people actually get sacked for not selling enough warranties).

So selling computer warranties can't be so hard. :-)

And it is not like there are not good solid reasons and benefits for customers.

  • A much longer known warranty period.
  • Australia-wide local on-site service - no RTB.
  • Fast high priority same day or next day response. No service delays.
  • 'Instant' parts replacement. No extended RA delays.


And a heap more reasons and benefits for you and your business. See below.


So what can we do to help you promote and sell NWS warranties more? How can we help you use and sell NWS warranties this month (and every month)?



And all you have to do is enter the Bonus Code 'REWARD' in the IDA Bonus Code box on the warranty purchase page when you buy any warranties. And the IDA System will automatically take 20% off your wholesale warranty prices.

It is a couple of days later than intended. Anzac Day sort of distracted us and now the week-end gets in the way. So up to midnight Monday to get this special 20% off April bonus.

And - please - let us know about any other ways we can help you.


Here is a direct link to your NWS IDA Wholesale Warranty Delivery System login >>>

Here is your NWS Reseller ID >>> 333333

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And here is a reminder of why you should be promoting and selling NWS warranties with every system sale (or other product sales we cover) ....

NWS (National Warranty Services) are the oldest, biggest, and best, computer warranty company in Australia. NWS has been in business offering Australia's best warranties for over 13 years. We are not perfect, but we try hard to be, regardless of the circumstances. One thing for sure - we are not an insurance company! :-)

Now there are very significant business, sales, and service, advantages using NWS warranties for you, your business, and your customers - EVERY TIME you sell a NWS warranty.

The best sales, service, and business, strategy of all is to BUNDLE a one year NWS warranty on every single system you sell. That gives you a seamless consistent approach across your whole business, and all your system sales, so you know you have no RTB or ACL hassles to worry about or cost you money with any system you sell.

And you make extra profit (and get paid for service) - with a much easier up-sell to a three or five year warranty.

Doing local on-site warranty service work creates many sales and chargeable service opportunities, and creates a massive increase in customer loyalty with your existing customers - because every warranty job becomes big customer loyalty booster, and a huge sales and service opportunity.

Your customers, especially your business customers, get high priority local on-site service.

NWS take over all the usual Australian Consumer Law (and RTB) hassles and costs.

So you don't have to worry about arguments about how long a ACL 'Consumer Guarantee' period might be, and you don't have to do RTB service work for free.

You get paid for the service work, instead of doing free RTB work.

Your customers get high priority on-site service - for up to three or five years; and don't have the hassle and inconvenience and cost of bringing their faulty system/s in themselves to be fixed.

And no matter where your customers move, the NWS warranty goes with them - so no more long distance RTB hassles for you - and them.

So you can sell to anyone in Australia and offer a great on-site warranty solution with no need to worry about any remote RTB hassles.

You differentiate your products and systems from your competitors by offering a far superior warranty service solution.

You get to decide, on a case-by-case basis, if you want to do each warranty job, or get someone else to do it. Flexibility you just don't get if all you have is the statutory ACL and RTB warranty.

And, with NWS' patented Cloud-based warranty delivery system, you don't need to pre-purchase or pay for any warranty stock. Just purchase, deliver, and activate, any warranty your customer needs 24 x 7 on-line. Without stock. Without payment.

As a business, you improve your business with every warranty you sell or bundle, mainly at the 'back-end' of the system and warranty sale - with every on-site warranty job - more chargeable computer service, extra system & product sales, more chargeable services eg upgrades, installations, remote back-up, maintenance plans, disaster (continuity) plans.

So give sales staff an INCENTIVE to understand, market, and sell warranties! If they don't have a decent incentive, why would they bother? Why would you bother? What do they get out of it? But every warranty they sell, you make money and improve your business long term!

And with our Cloud-based IDA Warranty Sales System, you can very easily track every sales person's warranty sales in detail in real time. Weekly reports, monthly reports. So it is extremely easy and painless to put in place a sales incentive scheme, eg $20 for every $100 warranty sales. Your sales staff have an incentive and make money: and your business improves and makes more money.


Again, here is a direct link to your IDA Wholesale Warranty Delivery System login >>>

Here is your NWS Reseller ID >>> 333333

And here is your NWS Warranty Sales Password >>> notapassword

Have a great week. :-)


Cheers & regards.

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Don Card
General Manager

Don Card

National Warranty Services
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