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From: National Warranties Newsletter []
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2017 1:30 PM
Subject: Sales. Major Revisions & Enhancements to NWS Site



National Warranty Services

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11/09/2017 13:29.


Hi there Sales!


After various requests, NWS has made major revisions to its primary wholesale site and Home Page.

We have added a simple 'skin' as an initial very simple NWS 'Home Page' that provides two options - the NWS RESELLER WHOLESALE PORTAL, a simpler refined version of the previous NWS 'Home Page', and a new NWS RETAIL INFORMATION page, a generic version of the previous 'smart' Reseller 'Splash Pages' we used have for Resellers.

The initial NWS 'Home Page', as before, has all our most important contact details - we have always made a point to having our contact details very easy to find, not hidden away somewhere, although there is a more complete Contact Us page too.

As well, there is a display of 'real-time' NWS Service Network figures, and the public Service Agent Search Map feature and function.


The direct URL & link to the NWS site is >>>


NWS Reseller Portal Page

The enhanced NWS Reseller Portal page now (again) has individual tabs/buttons to log into our various Cloud systems, in particular, the Warranty Purchase System, IDA, and the Job Management System, JIM, plus most of the same functions and information.

The Reseller Portal 'body text' section has been simplified to just two elements - NWS warranty information for Resellers (and Wholesalers), and scrolling retail customer testimonials.


The direct URL & link to this Reseller Portal page is >>>


NWS Retail Information Page

The Retail Customer Information is simply a page of retail warranty information and benefits, and again scrolling customer testimonials.

This is still a 'work in progress' and will be further enhanced over next few weeks.


The direct URL & link to this Retail Information page is >>>


So, Sales, what do you think?



Used/Refurnished/Ex-lease Product Warranties.

NWS has special warranty/s available for these products.

They offer the same high priority 'same day' local on-site service and response that normal warranties do.

We provide these warranties to Resellers (or Wholesalers) who specialise in used/refurbished systems sales, ie these warranties are not for 'one-off' sales.

The only difference with these niche warranties is the supply of replacement parts - the Reseller (or Wholesaler) must agree to forward-ship used replacement parts from their own stock of used parts they would have, and which really cost them close to nothing.

This means we don't need to worry about how to 'price' obsolete replacement parts into the warranty cost, and we don't have to worry about the difficulty of sourcing obsolete replacement parts. So that means that the warranty is much cheaper for the Reseller to purchase and use! Although the risk of failure is higher because these computers or products are at least three years old already.

Sales, for the Reseller or Wholesaler, the attraction and benefits of these warranties are great.

  • A massive massive sales benefit.

Offer your customers up to 12 months high priority Australia-wide on-site warranty for 12 months - instead of say just a 30 day or 90 day RTB warranty.

Just how much will your sales conversion jump when you bundle that on-site warranty? Or even offer as an sales option.

  • And if you bundle with every system, you get rid of all your RTB costs and hassles at the same time as greatly increasing your sales 'conversion'.


We can offer Resellers and Wholesalers 30/60/90/180/360 day high priority on-site warranties. And if you bundle a warranty with every system, we will take a further 10% off the already great wholesale pricing.

For Wholesalers, we even add a two year warranty, so that your Resellers can up-sell from the one year to the two years!


So as not to confuse Resellers with too many multiple irrelevant warranties, these special niche warranties are only 'published' (displayed) for you to see if you have specifically asked us to add it to your available warranties, and then we can make it available and publish for you to see and use same day.

Just call us (1300 765 860) or email us (, and ask.



Special On-line Resellers Section

Sales, are you selling on-line?


  1. TRIPLE your on-line sales conversion by bundling and up-selling NWS warranties on your systems - because, with NWS local on-site warranties, you give your customers massive 'peace of mind' and confidence.
  2. And no need to do any more aggravating RTB work all over Australia.
  3. Provide a super-enhanced warranty solution, an Australia-wide high priority same day or next day local on-site warranty service, for customers, especially business customers, that they cannot possibly get under Australian Consumer Law and the Consumer Guarantee.
  4. Meet almost all your Australian Consumer Law requirements, obligations, and mandatory paperwork, with the premium NWS on-site warranty service for your customers.
  5. Differentiate yourself from your competitors with the premium NWS on-site warranty service for your customers (or match what they already offer).
  6. No need to pre-purchase, or carry any warranty stock, and yet you can sell, deliver, and activate, any warranty at all for any period, that your customer wants, 24 x 7 (without any payment).
  7. Flexible fulfilment options. You can purchase single warranties on-line as you sell them, or, you can simply email us a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet every day, or every week, with all warranties you sold, and our system will use the file to automatically create all your warranties for you.

Just call us (1300 765 860) or email us (, and ask.


Job & Warranty Payments: Three Simple Things To Do To Help Us With Payments.

To help us do things better, faster, and easier, and avoid errors -

  1. Please always include the NWS Job Number with every Job Invoice; otherwise how do we know and find which job the invoice is for.
  2. Please always include your NWS Invoice Number with every payment for warranties; otherwise Xero can mis-allocate the payment to someone else, and you don't want that.
  3. And finally, it is extremely useful to include the NWS Warranty ID on every retail sales invoice, just like a Serial Number, to make life easier for your customer and us when your customer wants to report a fault. It also helps make sure you actually have purchased the warranty after you sell it.



Reseller NWS ID & Password Reminder

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(This link are all available on the NWS Reseller Portal Page.)


Thanks & kind regards.

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