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Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 2:14 PM
Subject: Hey, Don! NWS New Year Summer Blockbuster Newsletter



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12/01/2018 14:13.


Hi Don!


A Happy New Year To Everyone!

Here we are in 2018 and Christmas and New Year over, but still school holidays happening so maybe many of you not back to work yet.

Hope you had a good year for 2017 at NWS IDA Management [000000], and that you have a great year ahead in 2018.


NWS 2018 New Year Blockbuster Newsletter!

Every now and then, NWS put out what we call a 'Blockbuster' Newsletter, which typically has nothing about warranties, but a large number of links and snippets of information on all sorts of other subjects from music to food (next time maybe I wll include recipes. :-)).

Now, it's been a very very long time since our last 'Blockbuster' because of the time they take to collate and put together, but we will give it a shot today to celebrate the New Year.

Now this isn't really a looooong NWS Newsletter as such because it is all linked, but it has HEAPS of interesting and entertaining and fun stuff. :-))

Should be something there for everyone. :-))


Tech Tips

>>> Down For Everyone Or Just Me. Internet 'Up' Check

>>> URL Safety Check

>>> Bluestacks PC Android Emulator

>>> Will This Postcode Proximity Search App Help You?

We just found this little free Web app and it is great to use when doing searches to find what postcodes are around a particular point and lots of other similar features. Maybe it is more use to us than you, but maybe not. And maybe you have customers who would find it really useful? Check it out. :-)

>>> Linux USB Boot Device

>>> Raspberry Pi System. Now THIS is small.


Tech News

>>> MSY & ACCC - Again!

Work out how many one year Aust-wide high priority warranties MSY could have purchased for all their accumulated fines and legal costs?!

They just keep trying to get out of their Australian Consumer Law 'Consumer Guarantee' obligation, incl any RTB service. And they could have achieved that - and whole lot more - simply by purchasing and using NWS 12 month warranties (which years ago they were going to do, but reneged). BTW, the answer is probably over 50,000 warranties.

>>> Overseas Gaming Giant Liable Under Australian Consumer Law

>>> NBN Complaints Spike

>>> Inno3d Warn Crypto Mining Voids Video Warranty

>>> RBA Credit Card Fee Regulations

>>> Largest DDOS Attack Details

>>> B2B German IT Leasing Firm Starts In AU

>>> Online reseller Electronic Bazaar's owner imprisoned after misleading customers on refunds


Tech Fun

>>> Have You Tried Turning It Off & On Again?

>>> Floppy Phantom Of The Opera


FUN. The Tippex Experience.

Ok. So maybe you have seen this really interesting & fun thing, or maybe not. If not, have a look and have a laugh.

>> The Tippex Experience



With thanks to Nina Sunday.

A well-known research study identified five typical reasons customers leave, and here they are:

1. Move away

2. Develop other friendships

3. Price

4. Dissatisfaction with the product or service

5. An attitude of indifference toward the customer by the owner, manager, or some employee


Do you still think price is the most important? Many people assume most people shop on price, but research shows only 9% of customers are price shoppers.

Price shoppers are not loyal. They switch from supplier to supplier and won't necessarily stay just because you provide good service.


What about dissatisfaction? Do you think that might be the main reason to stop using a firm? Not according to the research. Only 14% leave because they are dissatisfied with the product or service.

5% develop new relationships, 3% move away, 1% die.

That leaves 68%.


The main reason clients stop using a business is indifference by the owner, manager or staff members.

What behaviour is perceived as indifferent?

Lack of eye contact, lack of friendliness, doing one's job in a neutral, humdrum way is perceived as being indifferent.

Last time I flew with Qantas airline, during the usual announcement, 'Qantas flight 508 to Brisbane is now boarding through Gate 8', they added, 'On behalf of Qantas, we hope you enjoy a pleasant flight.'

That's an extra statement that's positive and friendly. It's something a little extra that comes across as 'they care'.

If your eyes stay glued to the computer screen, fingers keep tapping the keyboard while responding to someone speaking to you face to face, it sends a message they are an interruption.

Lack of urgency when a client is anxious about a missing or late item is also interpreted as indifference.

The 'moment of truth' principle in customer service highlights that with every interaction your client is deciding whether to do business with you or to continue to do business with you.


What Do Your Customers (Really) Think About?

All customers tend to think that their needs are different to every one else. But generally this isn't so. Generally, most customers have much the same questions in their mind.

So if you can answer what they are REALLY asking (but not saying), do you think you would sell more? And have more satisfied customers.

So what do your customers REALLY think about before they buy? Here we go.

  • Will 'it' do what it says it will do?
  • Will it be easy for ME to use?
  • Will it take a lot of time to learn & use?
  • Is this the ONLY solution to my need/problem?
  • What if it doesn't work?
  • What if something goes wrong?
  • Can I really afford it?
  • What will my family/friends think of it?
  • Do I really need it?
  • Do I know enough about this to decide?
  • Do I trust this company selling it?

Notice that these questions are all based on FEAR & RISK. You may have read elsewhere that FEAR OF LOSS is a bigger, better motivator, not just in sales, but life generally, than the DESIRE FOR GAIN.

In short, you need to convincingly demonstrate to the customer that the purchase (from you) is ... SAFE and SMART.



  • Announcing ...
  • Secrets of ...
  • Now ...
  • Amazing ...
  • Breakthrough.
  • At last ...
  • Facts you ...
  • Life ...
  • Protect ...
  • Here
  • Discover ...
  • Do you ...
  • Bargains
  • Yes
  • How much ...
  • How would ...
  • This ...
  • Only ...
  • Sale.
  • Hate ...

and the best four are ...

  • Free.
  • You ...
  • How to ...
  • New.

Using one or more of these words your marketing & sales copy, headlines and subjects will make a big big difference to how successful your marketing & selling copy work.



>>> Lily Allen - The Fear

>>> Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me

>>> Paul Kelly - From Little Things ...

>>> Magnetic Zeros - Home

>>> Nick Cave - Into My Arms

>>> John Butler Trio - Used To Get High For A Living

>>> Maddy - Rolling In The Deep (better than orginal)

>>> Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music History

>>> West Wing Reunion

>>> Sexy & I Know It @ St Kilda

>>> 'The Mommy Rhapsody'

>>> 'It's A Dad's Life' Song

>>> The Original 'Hand Clap' Performance

>>> One of My All-time (Fun) Favourites: The Apostrophe Song

For the grammar and syntax nerds like me, right? :-)

>>> 12yo Girl Sings Defying Gravity

>>> 12 Best Singing Auditions

>>> Great Female Singer To Watch

>>> Street Performer - Amazing Guitar Best Ever

>>> Street Performer - Amazing Drummer

>>> Air Guitar 2011 World Championships


Fun & Entertainment

>>> Best Superbowl Ads

>>> Swimming With A Polar Bear

>>> Red Dog Screen Test

>>> 10 Best Superbowl Ads

Some are missing.

>>> More Really Funny Super Bowl Ads

Use the Autoplay feature.

>>> My Pick As Best SuperBowl Ad

>>> Cats Are Funny

Where would we be without some amazing cats?

>>> Flea Market Montgomery Ad

>>> World's Largest Miniature Railway


>>> Fukushima Radiation Plumes

>>> Statin Drugs Side Effects

>>> 7 Foods You Should Never Eat



>>> Fukushima Radiation Plumes

>>> How Often Does Your Car Really Need An Oil Change?

>>> VIDEO: Saving A Whale

>>> Carbon Neutral End of Year Tax Savings


Recommended Charities

>>> KIVA MicroFinance

>>> Stop The (Child Slavery & Prostitution) Traffik

>>> Destiny Rescue Child Slavery & Prostitution

>>> SmileTrain: Transforming Childrens Lives

>>> GIVIT: Helping People & Families


Food & Wine

>>> How To Peel A Head of Garlic In Less Than 10 Seconds

>>> Gojee Recipe & Drink Portal

>>> 7 Foods You Should Never Eat

>>> 20 Hardest Food Words


Please send me all your feedback & comments. Should be heaps this time. :-)


Cheers & regards.

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General Manager

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