National Warranty Services

NWS ... the only warranty company with the patented on-line Instant Warranty Delivery System. Any warranty. 24 x 7. Instantly.

44 Unbeatable Reasons To Start Using NWS Warranties!

1. Avoid arguments with customers, and court cases, and the ACCC & Fair Trading, about what Consumer Guarantee service and period they are intitled to, and instantly meet all your new Australian Consumer Law & Consumer Guarantee mandatory sales and service requirements, and mandatory paperwork, by bundling a 12 month NWS warranty on every system or product, for approximately $35ex for PCs (less for notebooks).

And start getting paid for all your warranty service work.

2. Really great warranties & outstanding warranty service! Offering Australia-wide local on-site service, high priority same day (on-site) response, ’instant’ phone parts approval, and ’instant’ parts replacement.

3. Increase your customers' 'comfort' level and satisfaction by partnering with a nationally recognised company, a leading warranty company for many years, with a great national reputation with Resellers and customers, and thousands of local Service Agents around Australia. And unlike every other Australian warranty company, old, new, or closed.

4. NWS' flexible & innovative mindset, and our patented on-line systems, mean we have an unbeatable range of flexible and powerful fulfilment options, service response options, call management options, and parts handling options. So we can give you a complete warranty solution optimised for your business & customers.

5. Increase sales/conversions, and differentiate your systems & business, by bundling an NWS 12 month local on-site, high priority same day warranty, with instant parts replacement, for a minimal cost . Give your customer a much better service solution, and get paid for all your warranty work.

6. Up-sell to a three or five year warranty and make a very good profit margin. And the profit on up-sells will pay for all the one year bundled warranties, and still leave profit over. And get paid for all the warranty work for the whole period.

7. Our patented on-line Instant Warranty Delivery & Activation System (IDA) enables you to purchase warranties on-line, and get instant warranty delivery, 24 x 7, of any warranty you want. Without any stock. Or payment.

8. With instant on-line warranty delivery for thousands of other electronic products, such as cameras, phones, PBXs, LCD screens, GPS, transceivers, POS terminals, etc. 24 x 7. No stock. No payment.

9. The IDA System also instantly activates each warranty at the same time. So no more worries, hassles, or problems, for you and your customers about warranty registration!

10. And with our patented on-line Instant warranties, you really only purchase the warranty/s after selling the warranty!

11. And just pay for all purchases with a single invoice & payment at the end of each month.

12. Automatic emailed sales confirmation, and Certificate PDF, with every warranty purchase.

13. Multiple on-line detailed Sales Reports available in real-time.

14. Detailed on-line Sales Person tracking to enable easy quota tracking and sales promotions & incentives.

15. Attractive retail DVD cases with details of all the major reasons for people to invest in a NWS warranty and customer testimonials – AND a CD with specially selected 67 terrific free licensed software programs AND 101 links to specially selected great sites for your customers.

16. NWS standard premium warranties start (a week) after the retail sale. NOT after the Manufacturer's RTB warranty! (Although where the Manufacturer’s warranty service is the same (as ours), they do start after the Manu. warranty.)

17. Our on-line Instant Warranty Delivery System, IDA, is great solution for businesses with branches, and sales people, because it is a stock-less on-line system, with no stock and no payments, and centralised on-line reporting & management. And available 24 x 7 anywhere with Web access.

18. And our patented on-line Instant Warranty Delivery System, IDA, is a truly amazing solution for on-line Resellers. Guaranteed to generate a huge increase in potential customer confidence & sales conversion for any on-line site. And no more RTB hassles!

19. Great volume pricing ! Even when just purchasing one warranty at a time.

20. No regional price loading for systems in regional areas.

21. 100% 'Money Back' Guarantee on all of our warranties.

22. Absolutely no 'Use By' dates on any NWS warranty!

23. Use the really useful and easy-to-use on-line Generate Warranty Price List button to print or email an up-to-date easy to read & understand Wholesale Warranty Price List for any warranty or product at any time.

24. Use the really useful and easy-to-use on-line Generate Warranty Price List button to print or email an up-to-date easy to read & understand Warranty Price List of your retail warranty prices for any warranty or product at any time.

25. Make a mistake? Customer change their mind? No problems. Just click the Void Warranty button and void the purchase. So easy. So simple. So NWS.

26. No more unpaid RTB service. No more RTB issues, problems, costs & time. Paid warranty service work for whole period of warranty. Possibly for up to 5 years.

27. Fair sliding scale Service Fee Schedule for small, medium and large jobs. No ‘one size fits all’ with a miniscule fee.

28. A written Service Guarantee to give you all the service work for your systems (that you want to do).

29. A written Payment Guarantee that you will get paid for your service work within 10 business days (or sooner) after getting Job paperwork (and any parts) back to us.

30. 'Instant' Phone Parts Approval. Done over the phone whilst on-site. No fiddly time-consuming paperwork. No delays. No extra trips.

31. 'Instant' Parts Replacement. We use your parts if you have them (even if we have them in stock). Otherwise we will ship overnight. No fiddly time-consuming paperwork. No delays. No extra trips.

32. And our warranties give you the flexibility to do no service work at all, or, not to do warranty service on a 'case-by-case' basis.

33. If you don't do on-site service, then use our 'Return To Nearest Service Agent' warranties where you still get paid for warranty service, and your customers can take their system unto you, or to another Service Agent if you are too far away.

34. A warranty purchase ‘batch’ process. Especially, but not only, for Resellers or Wholesalers bundling a NWS warranty of the same products, or for on-line Resellers. Import a simple CSV file , and IDA will automatically create all the warranties.

35. Especially for on-line Resellers. Export a CSV file of NWS Warranty SKU Codes and prices, and import and use on your site.

36. Especially for on-line Resellers. Completely automatic Web-based warranty purchase process. Just generate and email a simple CSV with every order or every day and our IDA Systems automatically creates all the warranties for you and emails you a Sales Report, and Warranty Certificates to the warranty holders.

37. Fantastic Web-based powerful Job Management System, JIM for Service Agents. Service Agents can update job details on-line. Upload test results, even upload job invoice. No paperwork, no faxing. And see all the jobs you have had in the past.

38. Fantastic Web-based powerful Job Management System, JIM, for Resellers. Resellers can see all the jobs they have had for their systems in past, and any current jobs. Get an automatic email notification every time there is a job for your system (if you are not doing the job anyway).

39. No warranty contractual obligation or volume requirements.

40. Instant on-line Reseller & Service Agent Application that will instantly approve your application, create your Reseller and IDA accounts and email you all the details.

41. Free retail 'Point of Sale' material, incl. brochures, display stands, retail display DVD/CD case & CD, PC video presentation.

42. NWS phones answered by a real person in less than 10 seconds. Guaranteed. And NWS emails answered by a real person in less than four business hours. Guaranteed.

43. ‘Instant Chat’ throughout the NWS site and answered by a real person in less than 15 seconds (during business hours). Guaranteed.

44. Deal with an ethical, helpful & efficient company, with real people who understand IT service, not an insurance company run by bean counters and sales shonks.

There you are. 44 Unbeatable Reasons.

National Warranties ... warranties you can trust

The NWS On-line Automated NWS Reseller Agreement

To become a NWS Reseller and/or Service Agent, all you need to do is complete our on-line automated Authorised Reseller & Service Agent Agreement.

It will set up all your NWS & IDA accounts, and email you the details. Someone from NWS should then call you in a day or two regarding what NWS retail marketing material would be useful and answer any questions.

But wait there's more ....

How NWS Reseller Warranty Fulfilment Works

1. Very easily!

2. You login to your NWS IDA on-line account,

3. You select what warranty/s you want and how many,

4. You fill in some user details, sales person name, and any order/receipt details you have, and some system details like System ID and motherboard warranty period

5. Instantly generate the personalised individual warranty certificate/s, and print.

6. And just pay for all warranty purchases in a single payment at end of month.

Instant purchase. Instant delivery. Instant activation.

How easy is that? No CC Details. No payment. No stock. Any Warranty Any Time!

Or for our traditional 'sticker' warranty, you can order the same way (or email or fax us), but just tick the box that says ‘Sticker Warranty’, and we ship certificates and stickers same or next day by ExpressPost or courier service.

Or use our patent-pending automated warranty purchase process for on-line Resellers.

Or use our patent-pending automated warranty purchase ‘batch’ process for bundled or high volume warranties.

How NWS Premium Warranty Service Works

1. Customer calls our 1300 number (Or Reseller can if customer has gone in.)

2. NWS validate their warranty details.

3. NWS log job and send to Reseller, or Service Agent if necessary for action.

4. Service Agent diagnoses fault and gets parts approval by phone while on site (if applicable)

5. Service Agent replaces part if they have suitable or NWS will ship replacement part overnight if required.

6. If the part is still under Manufacturer's warranty and the Reseller has a suitable replacement part, the Reseller replaces the part and then RAs faulty part directly for replacement.

7. Service Agent update the on-line Job Sheet and uploads their invoice.

8. Service Agent sends back faulty part (at our cost)

9. If Service Agent (not Reseller) did service and the faulty part is still under Manufacturer's warranty, NWS will send faulty part back to Reseller to RA for replacement, and return to NWS (at our cost). Unless we can RA directly back to Distributor (Which we prefer as this saves a lot of hassle and waste of time for our Resellers).

10. NWS pay Service Agents a fixed fee based on a sliding scale for small medium or large jobs, based on type of fault. [It is just not possible or practical to pay T&M for service work we can't manage or supervise. In practice though, this actually means that experienced & expert Service Agents get paid more per hour than inexperienced or incompetent Service Agents. ]

11. We pay Reseller (or Service Agent) for service within 10 days of receiving paperwork and any faulty parts.

Note: Warranty jobs MUST be logged with NWS before, or at time of job, for there to be an authorised warranty job.

Note: Jobs can be logged on week-ends by email or voicemail.

Note: There is a seven day 'no fault' period at start of warranty to (help) ensure some level of QoS and QA. In this period, the Reseller (or Distributor) is responsible for any faults; however, when system is not local to Reseller, NWS may offer ex gratia service to avoid problems and inconvenience.


Real People. Real Time. Real Answers.

As well known to many Resellers in the industry, NWS differ from most other 3rd Party warranty providers by the very flexible range of warranty & installation products, excellent service, and helpful practical attitude, for our Resellers, Service Agents & end-users.

Ethical. We treat everyone honestly & openly, and don't continually try to get out of valid service or payment , like some do. We don't go on with a whole lot of sales hype & promises we know we can't (or won't) keep. We concentrate on great service, not sales BS followed by lousy service.

Helpful. We talk to people, we answer phone calls & emails, we solve the problem - not be the problem,

And we took out all the 'weasel words' out of our Terms & Conditions other warranty companies love to have in their Terms & Conditions so they can refuse service as often as possible, and made our T&C and Certificate as simple and as understandable - and as helpful - as possible.

Friendly. Everyone at NWS always try to be helpful & friendly. And as we deal with problems and questions, we explain why we do things & how we do things, and are never rude and obnoxious. And we try to keep smiling.

Flexible. Rules and conditions can't cover every situation, so we respond to situations or problems that aren't all that clear cut flexibly and try to work out a solution that generally keeps people happy. Instead of being hard-nosed and as difficult as possible.

Efficient. We have an on-line job management system so all jobs are updated and managed on-line. We always 'forward ship' parts, or, more usually, pay the Service Agent for the part if they have it. We don't quibble if the Service Agents' parts cost a bit more. We pay the SA for parts even when we have the part in stock so that the problem is fixed faster for user, and to save our SA two trips. We pay our SAs within 10 days of getting back paper work & parts . We (usually) give instant phone approval while on-site for parts replacements and parts cost . This way, we close 79% of jobs within 24 hours.

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