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National Warranty Services (NWS), together with other divisions of NWS, National Computer Service (NCS), and National Computer Support Service (NCSS) is an IT warranty & service specialist, offering high quality Australia-wide on-site warranty, installation, and maintenance services.

NWS specialise in on-site warranty, installation & maintenance services for PCs, servers, notebooks, and POS equipment, as well as other IT areas.

NWS offer a wide range of warranties, with various coverage periods and response times to suit different needs.

In addition, NWS can provide co-ordinated and managed site installation services, and national roll-outs of PC, POS, network & ADSL infrastructure, on a quoted per site/per machine basis.

NWS undoubtedly provide Australia's premium warranties and warranty service, with inclusions & quality of service just not offered by other warranties or warranty providers, to make things easier for Resellers.

Add that to NWS' strong commitment to outstanding efficient and helpful service for clients and Resellers, and you have Australia's best warranty service.


NWS are headquartered in north Brisbane, but of course provide and manage warranty & maintenance service throughout Australia.

Branch Strategy.

NWS adopted a strategy of having no capital city branch structure because this would still provide no `face-to-face' reseller support in most of the 1,000 towns or so in which we have Resellers & Service Agents, and was therefore ineffective, unnecessary, very costly, and would add very significant management overheads & problems.

Business Strategy.

NWS deliberately adopted a strategy & structure of having NO sales positions or staff. Instead, NWS have only Business Development Managers and Reseller Support staff. This is because we believe that our industry, and NWS especially, is about an on-going long term 'win-win' business relationship, with repeat purchases, and a long term service commitment.

Deciding to use a 3rd Party warranty, and NWS, is an important strategic business decision for you. And we approach it as such, not as a sales decision.

Warranty Service.

This also has major ramifications about how we approach warranty service. Unlike other warranty companies, we don't do everything possible to get out of doing any warranty service, and to get out of paying for any warranty service and parts.

We are a service business run by service professionals, not an insurance business run by accountants and sales hype (typified by a `burn & churn' business model).

Our dedication to delivering quality service is reflected in such practices as -instant parts approval, use ofResellerparts,7 day payment guarantee, sliding scale of service fees, and much more.

And of course our guarantee that you will get the paid service work for your systems you want.

Our Reseller Job Guarantee: If we make a mistake, we will pay you for job anyway.

And NWS has a firm business strategy of never selling (or assigning) service 'territories', so we never have any motive to siphon off any of your service work to territory holders, like some do. Our1300 Service Hot Line is currently open from 9am -5pm Mon-Fri for warranty holders. And our other lines longer for Resellers and Service Agents.

Warranty Coverage.

NWS warranties cover all costs associated with replacing faulty internal components. Parts, labour, and freight. All internal components are covered, including any added by Reseller at time of sale.

Parts are always as good as or better than the original part.

Normal response is `Same Day' on-site.

And NWS have an `Instant Parts'Replacement policy which means parts are replaced without any waiting for RAs. And usually by Reseller(or Service Agent).

Almost always NWS has a Service Agent close by, but in the rare occurrence that we don't, NWS provides a free courier service to pick up and return systems.

Free licensed leading diagnostic software is included (download) with every warranty to help identify the problem. No more arguments about software or hardware.

Reloading the PC operating system (when replacing the HDD)included in warranty cover.

Warranty Pricing.

NWS Reseller pricing is totally different to other warranty companies.

Firstly & most importantly, NWS gives ALL NWS Resellers volume pricing. Without minimum volume, or monthly volume requirements, or any contractual obligation.

Secondly, NWS has never had, and never will have, any warranty 'Use By' dates.

Thirdly, NWS has a 100% Money Back Guarantee on a warranty purchases.

And finally, NWS has a Resellers' 'Mates Rates' Loyalty Rewards Program that rewards every Reseller who buys NWS warranties regularly with up to 10% off our already attractive wholesale pricing. And again this is not based on volume, just regular purchasing.

Warranty Purchase & Fulfilment.

Traditionally, warranties were warranty Certificates, and stickers (for systems). And therefore they had to be pre-purchased, used up, and then reordered.

And NWS does those sort of warranties. Only better.

We ExpressPost 'sticker' orders for overnight delivery, with an irremovable sticker to go on the system, and a well designed and easy to understand Certificate & Terms & Conditions format.

Now with additional enhancements to meet and exceed the new Australia Consumer Law requirements.

And a single invoice for all purchases at end of each month.

Patented Instant Warranty Delivery System.

But NWS has a radically different solution for warranty purchase & fulfilment! Our patented Instant Warranty Delivery System gives you much much better solution!

  • Purchase warranties 24 x 7. Thursday night. Saturday. Anytime.
  • Get instant delivery of warranties 24 x 7. Thursday night. Saturday. Anytime.
  • Purchase whatever warranty your customer wants. Anytime.
  • Total flexibility. Without any stock. Without any pre-purchase. Anytime.
  • No credit card required. No payment required. Single payment at end of the month.
  • Make around 100% profit - without spending a dollar. Anytime.
  • Every Warranty Certificate personalised with warranty, customer & Reseller details.
  • Every warranty instantly activated & registered. No need for any later registration.
  • Includes special customer bonus offers -maintenance, free software, other freebies.
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