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Reseller Marketing Material & Information

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New 'Hardware Guarantee' Warranty Retail A5 Flyer

This is generic one-sided A5 retail flyer designed to be used in-shop or for letter-boxing.

The idea is, especially for letter-boxing, you use the OTHER side of the A5 flyer to put all YOUR business information (and Special Offer) on.

BTW, A4 is too big to letter-box, and more difficult for a brochure holder in-store. A single DL is great for letter-boxing, but probably too small for both the new Hardware Guarantee and for your business information. A4 folded down to a DL tri-fold is a great form factor for marketing, but requires folding down to DL. Of course, if you are getting it printed professionally, that's no problem. I would have to redo our A5 flyer to a DL format for you for that. Please ask if you want.

So, all things considered, we stuck to the A5 format initially for the our 'Hardware Guarantee' flyer.

And, with letter-boxing, ALWAYS include a 'Special Offer' to get them into the store. I would suggest a discounted PC 'maintenance' offer, with added additional options from software patching and data backup (on a USB stick).

Always remember you are not trying to make a profit on the initial Special Offer. You are trying to get new customers! And each new customer represents a cash flow to you for years to come if you do your job right. :-) They ALSO represent your best possible source of referrals (again if you do your job right).

View & Download A5 'Hardware Guarantee' Retail Flyer

How To Assemble The NWS DL Brochure Holder

Here is a Youtube video showing you how to assemble the NWS DL Brochure Holder. There is a 'trick' or two.

View Brochure Holder Assembly Video

ACCC New Australian Consumer Law Guide

The Quick Reference Guide by the ACCC put out to explain the new ACL to businesses.

Download ACCC ACL Reseller Quick Reference Guide HERE.

NWS ACL Consumer Summary

Download NWS ACL Consumer Summary HERE.

NWS Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Consumer Guarantee & NWS Warranty Comparision Flyer

Retail A5 flyer comparing the ACL and NWS warranties

Download NWS ACL & NWS Warranty Retail Comparision Flyer HERE.

Request NWS Warranty Price List

NWS has thousands of different warranties and warranty options, and we develop and publish individual warranties to suit individual Reseller and/or customer requirements, so there is no single definitive wholesale warranty price list.

When a NWS Reseller logs into their NWS on-line warranty sales account, they can create and print (or email) a wholesale (and retail) price list for the particular product category and warranty they need.

However, if you are not a NWS Reseller already, we can probably send you a wholesale warranty price for a standard warranty for the particular product.

Request NWS Wholesale Warranty Price List HERE

Retail Store System Warranty WMV Presentation Download

This WMV file plays a presentation of NWS retail customer warranty benefits.

Download Retail WMV Presentation for in-store systems HERE.

Embedded Reseller Links for Customer Desktops for Post-sale Warranty Sales

NWS have revised our warranty retail page and have a new link that you can add to your customers' desktops during system builds that enable your customer to purchase a retail warranty after retail system sale.

  • Upgrade their NWS warranty online to a longer warranty period
  • Activate their warranty online if it is a 'sticker' warranty (that aren't automatically activated like 'instant' warranties)
  • View their warranty details
  • Update their Warranty Holder details

Use this link but change the Reseller ID to yours >>>

See the NWS logo link below to download a NWS logo you can use on desktop (and your Web site).

NWS Logos for Resellers & Service Agents To Use In Marketing

NWS have several variations on our standard logo for your use. See a selection here.

Download NWS Reseller Logos HERE.

NWS Trifold Retail Brochure Sample

Attractive retail brochure that lists all the benefits of NWS warranties for retail customers.

Download NWS Trifold Retail Brochure Sample HERE.

NWS ACL Consumer Guarantee & NWS Warranty Comparison Table

Download NWS ACL Consumer Guarantee & NWS Warranty Comparison Table HERE.

NWS Retail Customer FAQ

Download NWS Retail Customer FAQ HERE.

NWS Service Agent Location AU Map

Download NWS Service Agent AU Location Map HERE.

NWS Customer Testimonials

The NWS streams customer testimonials in real time (on RHS of home page). This is a hard copy of some previous customer testimonials.

Download NWS Latest Customer Testimonials HERE.

National Warranty Services List of Greatest Utility Software

Check out this really great list of fantastic utility software! Mainly free too. Email your recommendations & comments to

Download National Warranty Services Greatest Software here.