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Australia's biggest & best 3rd Party Warranty company.

Used by more people than any other Australian warranty company.

Used by more Resellers than any other Australian warranty company.

A premium NWS extended warranty gives you - and your customers - so many great benefits.
(Benefits they definitely don't get under the Australian Consumer Law!)

And for Resellers, not one, not two, not 22, but 44 unbeatable benefits when you use NWS premium warranties!
Join NWS now, and you can start making money and cutting costs selling warranties ten minutes later.

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Customer Testimonials

44 Unbeatable Reasons For You To Start Using NWS Warranties!

1. Avoid arguments with customers, and court cases, and the ACCC & Fair Trading, about what Consumer Guarantee service and period they are intitled to, and instantly meet all your new Australian Consumer Law & Consumer Guarantee mandatory sales and service requirements, and mandatory paperwork, by bundling a 12 month NWS warranty on every system or product.

And start getting paid for all your warranty service work.

2. Really great warranties & outstanding warranty service! Offering Australia-wide local on-site service, high priority same day (on-site) response, ’instant’ phone parts approval, and ’instant’ parts replacement.

3. Increase your customers' 'comfort' level and satisfaction by partnering with a nationally recognised company, a leading warranty company for many years, with a great national reputation with Resellers and customers, and thousands of local Service Agents around Australia. And unlike every other Australian warranty company, old, new, or closed.

4. NWS' flexible & innovative mindset, and our patented on-line systems, mean we have an unbeatable range of flexible and powerful fulfilment options, service response options, call management options, and parts handling options. So we can give you a complete warranty solution optimised for your business & customers.

5. Increase sales/conversions, and differentiate your systems & business, by bundling an NWS 12 month local on-site, high priority same day warranty, with instant parts replacement, for a minimal cost . Give your customer a much better service solution, and get paid for all your warranty work.

6. Up-sell to a three or five year warranty and make a very good profit margin. And the profit on up-sells will pay for all the one year bundled warranties, and still leave profit over. And get paid for all the warranty work for the whole period.

7. Our patented on-line Instant Warranty Delivery & Activation System (IDA) enables you to purchase warranties on-line, and get instant extended warranty delivery, 24 x 7, of any extended warranty you want. Without any stock. Or payment.

8. With instant on-line warranty delivery for thousands of other electronic products, such as cameras, phones, PBXs, LCD screens, GPS, transceivers, POS terminals, etc. 24 x 7. No stock. No payment.

9. The IDA System also instantly activates each warranty at the same time. So no more worries, hassles, or problems, for you and your customers about warranty registration!

10. And with our patented on-line Instant warranties, you really only purchase the warranty/s after selling the warranty!

11. And just pay for all purchases with a single invoice & payment at the end of each month.

12. Automatic emailed sales confirmation, and Certificate PDF, with every warranty purchase.

13. Multiple on-line detailed Sales Reports available in real-time.

14. Detailed on-line Sales Person tracking to enable easy quota tracking and sales promotions & incentives.

15. Attractive retail DVD cases with details of all the major reasons for people to invest in a NWS warranty and customer testimonials – AND a CD with specially selected 67 terrific free licensed software programs AND 101 links to specially selected great sites for your customers.

16. NWS standard premium warranties start (a week) after the retail sale. NOT after the Manufacturer's RTB warranty! (Although where the Manufacturer’s warranty service is the same (as ours), they do start after the Manu. warranty.)

17. Our on-line Instant Warranty Delivery System, IDA, is great solution for businesses with branches, and sales people, because it is a stock-less on-line system, with no stock and no payments, and centralised on-line reporting & management. And available 24 x 7 anywhere with Web access.

18. And our patented on-line Instant Warranty Delivery System, IDA, is a truly amazing solution for on-line Resellers. Guaranteed to generate a huge increase in potential customer confidence & sales conversion for any on-line site. And no more RTB hassles!

19. Great volume pricing ! Even when just purchasing one warranty at a time.

20. No regional price loading for systems in regional areas.

21. 100% 'Money Back' Guarantee on all of our warranties.

22. Absolutely no 'Use By' dates on any NWS warranty!

23. Use the really useful and easy-to-use on-line Generate Warranty Price List button to print or email an up-to-date easy to read & understand Wholesale Warranty Price List for any warranty or product at any time.

24. Use the really useful and easy-to-use on-line Generate Warranty Price List button to print or email an up-to-date easy to read & understand Warranty Price List of your retail warranty prices for any warranty or product at any time.

25. Make a mistake? Customer change their mind? No problems. Just click the Void Warranty button and void the purchase. So easy. So simple. So NWS.

26. No more unpaid RTB service. No more RTB issues, problems, costs & time. Paid warranty service work for whole period of warranty. Possibly for up to 5 years.

27. Fair sliding scale Service Fee Schedule for small, medium and large jobs. No ‘one size fits all’ with a miniscule fee.

28. A written Service Guarantee to give you all the service work for your systems (that you want to do).

29. A written Payment Guarantee that you will get paid for your service work within 10 business days (or sooner) after getting Job paperwork (and any parts) back to us.

30. 'Instant' Phone Parts Approval. Done over the phone whilst on-site. No fiddly time-consuming paperwork. No delays. No extra trips.

31. 'Instant' Parts Replacement. We use your parts if you have them (even if we have them in stock). Otherwise we will ship overnight. No fiddly time-consuming paperwork. No delays. No extra trips.

32. And our warranties give you the flexibility to do no service work at all, or, not to do warranty service on a 'case-by-case' basis.

33. If you don't do on-site service, then use our 'Return To Nearest Service Agent' warranties where you still get paid for warranty service, and your customers can take their system unto you, or to another Service Agent if you are too far away.

34. A warranty purchase ‘batch’ process. Especially, but not only, for Resellers or Wholesalers bundling a NWS warranty of the same products, or for on-line Resellers. Import a simple CSV file , and IDA will automatically create all the warranties.

35. Especially for on-line Resellers. Export a CSV file of NWS Warranty SKU Codes and prices, and import and use on your site.

36. Especially for on-line Resellers. Completely automatic Web-based warranty purchase process. Just generate and email a simple CSV with every order or every day and our IDA Systems automatically creates all the warranties for you and emails you a Sales Report, and Warranty Certificates to the warranty holders.

37. Fantastic Web-based powerful Job Management System, JIM for Service Agents. Service Agents can update job details on-line. Upload test results, even upload job invoice. No paperwork, no faxing. And see all the jobs you have had in the past.

38. Fantastic Web-based powerful Job Management System, JIM, for Resellers. Resellers can see all the jobs they have had for their systems in past, and any current jobs. Get an automatic email notification every time there is a job for your system (if you are not doing the job anyway).

39. No warranty contractual obligation or volume requirements.

40. Instant on-line Reseller & Service Agent Partner Application that will instantly approve your application, create your Reseller and IDA accounts and email you all the details.

41. Free retail 'Point of Sale' material, incl. brochures, display stands, retail display DVD/CD case & CD, PC video presentation.

42. NWS phones answered by a real person in less than 10 seconds. Guaranteed. And NWS emails answered by a real person in less than four business hours. Guaranteed.

43. ‘Instant Chat’ throughout the NWS site and answered by a real person in less than 15 seconds (during business hours). Guaranteed.

44. Deal with an ethical, helpful & efficient company, with real people who understand IT service, not an insurance company run by bean counters and sales shonks.

There you are. 44 Unbeatable Reasons.

NWS also provide premium warranties for virtually all consumer electronic and IT products - notebooks, tablets, netbooks, GPS, mobile phones, TVs, printers, media centres, AV, cameras, and much more. Warranty prices for these products are generally much less than computer warranties, but vary depending on the product type, the product RRP, and the warranty purchased.

Join NWS now, and start making money and cutting costs selling NWS warranties in ten minutes.

No stock. No payments. Sell, deliver & activate 24 x 7.

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And a premium NWS extended warranty

gives your customers & clients so many great benefits.

Benefits they definitely don't get under the Australian Consumer Law!

An additional extended warranty period of up to four extra years. A far better extended warranty and peace of mind for so much longer!

Australia’s largest Service Agent network. Over 3,900 local Service Agents all over Australia.
All replacement parts, labour costs, and travel, all fully covered.

No inconvenient, and often costly, need to have to take, or send, your faulty product back to your Reseller with the basic warranty provided by the Australia Consumer Law.

No worries, hassles, or arguments, or even court cases, with your Reseller about how long your ACL Consumer Guarantee period is (because the ACL only says it varies depending on the product price, the product, and the product usage, so the Consumer Guarantee period for your product is totally undefined).

A variety of service and response types to suit the product and your convenience. Local on-site service, 'Return to the Nearest Service Agent' service, Customer 'Mail-in' (often with free Reply Paid service) - all for your convenience and fast service & repair.
High Priority Same Day service*. No waiting and waiting for your computer or product to be fixed because you only have very slow low priority service because your Reseller has to do it for free. * Service type varies with type of product and type of extended warranty purchased.

High Priority 'Instant' free parts replacement of faulty parts (where parts are available), or high priority overnight shipping of replacement parts. No waiting weeks & weeks (& weeks) while faulty parts are shipped back to the Distributor for testing and replacement while under Manufacturer's warranty or the ACL, or having to pay for parts & labour after that.

Replacement parts and products the same or better than the original. No cheap 'no name' parts used to replace quality components. NWS warranties maintains the build and product quality you paid for!

Efficient, helpful service by the friendly NWS Operations Centre staff. Unlike other warranty companies, the NWS Service Team always try to provide friendly, helpful, efficient service when you call with a problem.

And only NWS have a patented on-line one-step Instant Warranty Purchase, Delivery & Activation System. So that, you can get whatever NWS warranty you want - instantly. 24 x 7.

And the patented 'Instant' Warranty Purchase & Delivery System means that your warranty is instantly registered & activated at the same time. Nothing for you to worry about later. Prevents any problems or service delays if you have a problem later.

Peace of mind for up to an extra four years, at a very cost effective price. Pay around just $1 per week (for typical PCs. Varies widely for other products and price ranges.) for complete peace of mind about any faults, eliminate long service delays, inconvenience, and wasted time. No matter where you are and no matter where you move, NWS will be around to help you.

For a retail RRP price for your customers of around a $1 per week for computers under $3,000.

National Warranty Service (NWS). Australia's leading 3rd Party extended warranty company. Leading in quality service, leading in flexibility & innovation, leading in service coverage, leading in extended warranty solutions.

Providing great warranty service all over Australia for over ten years.

"Almost three years ago National Warranties came into my life when I purchased a computer from xxx ... I had plenty of problems with this purchase over the next two and a half years!

I would like to express my huge appreciation for the superb service that I received ... at all times. Harry was always polite and helpful, he always acted promptly to resolve the situation and went that extra mile each time by finding a repairer that was the most convenient for me to access. I am not familiar with the workings of computers and Harry always patiently explained things to me until I understood them.

I would recommend your services to anybody and will certainly do so given the opportunity. Kind wishes." Shirley.

"Dealing with NWS is a pleasure. I love the sense of humour that weaves its way through all areas of our dealings with NWS. It is a refreshing change to be respected as a customer and have them strive to serve you with a quality far above the rest." Allie. W.A.

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have been, and the courtesy and consideration you have extended to me whenever I have had trouble with my computer. It has been really appreciated. I am only too happy to recommend National Warranty Services to anyone needing or wanting extended warranty services." Gail Bailey.

A service company run by service professionals.
Not an insurance company run by accountants.

"It is rare in today's business world to deal with genuinely customer focused service such as is found with National Warranty Services. Not just the end user but also the resellers and dealers are treated with very high level of courtesy. The extent that NWS looks after its customers is simply astounding." Clive Malanda Qld.

Warranties without the weasel words.

"We only use NWS and we are very happy with your service and we will continue to use your service.

Once again thank you for all your efforts."


"We utilise National Warranty Services for all of our warranties and for the last 2 years we have always found them to be helpful, courteous and prompt in dealing with any challenges that may arise.

I find Don and his team to be extremely professional in all their communications."

Hani Faris

About National Warranty Services.

National Warranty Services (NWS) is Australia's leading 3rd Party PC & computer, IT, and electronic equipment warranty provider. NWS core premium warranty is an Australia-wide on-site warranty with High Priority Same Day response and 'Instant' Parts Replacement.

Only National Warranty Services provides such a high level of quality warranty service throughout Australia with such a friendly helpful attitude.

And only National Warranty Services has the fantastic patented on-line Instant Warranty Delivery & Activation System (IDA System) for all IT Resellers.

National Warranty Services is an IT equipment warranty specialist, offering high quality high response Australia-wide warranty services, but NWS also provide a wide range of other warranty options for Resellers and Wholesalers so that National Warranty Services specialise in optimising warranty solutions to suit individual Resellers and Wholesalers (or individual customers) requirements.

National Warranty Services also provide Australia-wide IT installation and maintenance services for Resellers, Wholesalers, or other companies, including co-ordinated and managed site installation services, and national roll-outs of PC & computer, POS, network & ADSL infrastructure, on a quoted per site/per machine basis.

National Warranty Services undoubtedly provide Australia's premium warranty, with inclusions & quality of service just not offered by other warranties or warranty providers. Add that to National Warranty Services' strong commitment to outstanding efficient and helpful service for clients and Resellers, and you have Australia's best warranty service.

NWS offer a range of flexible warranty options for every aspect of warranty provision and service. This is enabled by two main factors: our flexible 'can do' mind-set, and our patented on-line Instant Warranty Delivery & activation System.

This means that we can give customers, Resellers, and Wholesalers -

  • options for the physical media the warranty uses
  • options on how the warranties are ordered and fulfilled
  • options on warranty call management
  • options on the type of warranty service
  • options on warranty service responses
  • options on parts handling and management
  • and even options regarding warranty payment.

Warranty Service.

Unlike other warranty companies, we don't do everything possible to both get out of doing any warranty service, or to get out of paying for any warranty service and parts.

We are a service company run by service professionals, not an insurance company run by accountants and sales hype (typified by a `burn & churn' business model).

Our dedication to delivering the fastest possible quality service is reflected in such practices as -

  • Australia's largest service network. Over 3,900 Service Agents around Australia.
  • On-line paperless Job Management System to provide super fast, efficient job management
  • Instant phone parts approval on-site
  • Use of Service Agent parts when available
  • Reloading the computer operating system (when replacing a HDD).

Our 1300 Service Hot Line is currently open from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri for warranty holders. And our other lines longer for Resellers and Service Agents.

Warranty Coverage.

Our normal National Warranty Services warranties cover all costs associated with replacing faulty internal components, ie, parts, labour, and freight. All internal components at time of sale are covered, including any added by Reseller, or replaced under warranty.

Replacement parts are always the same or better than the original faulty part.

Normal service response is High Priority `Same Day' Response (for on-site warranties), but varies according to product type and type of warranty purchased.

And National Warranty Services have an `Instant' Parts Replacement policy which means parts are replaced without any waiting for the faulty part to be sent away to Manufacturer to be replaced. And usually by Reseller (or Service Agent).

Almost always National Warranty Services has a Service Agent close by, but in the (very) rare occurrence that we don't, National Warranty Services provides a free courier service to pick up and return systems.

Reloading the computer operating system (when replacing the HDD) included in the warranty cover.

Patented Instant Warranty Delivery & Activation System.

National Warranty Services has a radically different patented solution for warranty purchase & fulfilment! Our patented Instant Warranty Delivery & Activation System (IDA System) gives you much much better solution in most cases!

  • Purchase warranties 24 x 7. Thursday night. Saturday. Any time.
  • Get instant delivery of warranties 24 x 7. Thursday night. Saturday. Any time.
  • Purchase a warranty for whatever product your customer buys - PC & computer, notebook, GPS, printer, screen, transceiver, POS, phone, PBX, data projector, and more.
  • Purchase whatever type of warranty your customer wants. 1,2,3,4,5 years. On-site. Return to nearest Service Agennt. Courier Pick-up. High Priority Same Day. Urgent Priority Four Hour. And more.
  • Total flexibility. Without any stock. Without any pre-purchase. Any time.
  • No credit card required. No payment required. Single payment at end of the month.
  • Make around 100% profit - without spending a dollar. Any time.
  • Every Warranty Certificate personalised with warranty, customer & Reseller details.
  • Every warranty instantly and automatically activated & registered. No need for any later user registration.

So these are by far the best option for most situations and most Resellers. They are generally not suitable for Wholesalers where the date of the retail sale and the customer is unknown, and they may be unsuitable for Resellers doing high daily volume, very large orders.

Traditional 'Sticker' Warranty Purchase & Fulfilment.

Traditionally, warranties were stock items with warranty Certificates and warranty stickers. And therefore they are pre-purchased, used up, and then re-ordered.

National Warranty Services still provide these sort of warranties because they are most suitable for high volume and/or Wholesalers because they are easy, simple, and fast. Not forgetting the NWS 100% Money Back Guarantee and no 'Use By' dates.

They are most suitable for Wholesalers because they don't know customer or date of retail sale, and for both Resellers and Wholesalers who bundle the same warranty on every system shipped.

They have three major disadvantages - one, they have to be pre-purchased as stock, therefore, two, it is virtually impossible to carry stock of all the possible warranties customers might want, and, three, they are not instantly and automatically activated like our on-line 'instant' warranties.

We express post `sticker' orders for over-night delivery. Depending on requirements, they will have a hard-copy Certificate and a CD in a DVD case.

Warranty Payment

Either way, there is NO payment at time of purchase or order; instead, there is a single invoice for all purchases at the end of each month.

Join NWS now, and start making money and cutting costs selling NWS warranties in ten minutes.

No stock. No payments. Sell, deliver & activate 24 x 7.

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