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Looking For A Great Australian On-site Warranty?

For too long, people, like you, have had nowhere to go for a premium Australia-wide local on-site 3rd Party warranty and service for computers, and other IT and consumer electronic products.

In the past, existing computer warranty companies provided Warranty Holders and Resellers with very poor service. Unhelpful, unfriendly, pathetically slow, and often just non-existent!

Now, at last, there is a great local on-site warranty solution for you!

Australia's Biggest IT Warranty Company

National Warranty Services (NWS). Now Australia's biggest 3rd Party computer warranty company. Best in quality service, coverage, flexibility, and innovation.

Fast High Priority Local On-site Service

National Warranty Services can provide you with excellent high priority same day or next day local on-site warranty service, Australia-wide, for computers and other products.

Professional IT Service Company: Not An Insurance Company

The key difference is that National Warranty Services is run as service company, by service professionals, not an insurance company, run by accountants!

Simply, this means that you get speedy, efficient, helpful, friendly service for up to five years for compouters. An Australia-wide on-site high priority Same-Day/Next Day warranty service, with 'Instant' Parts Replacement, by your Reseller, or by other expert National Warranty Services Service Agents around Australia.

Australia's Largest IT Service Network

NWS have by far the largest IT service network in Australia of over 3,100 local Service Agents in our core service network, and many more in our extended service network.

As well as providing outstanding helpful service, a National Warranty Services warranty gives you many explicit benefits, quite different and much more, than what you are entitled to under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

NWS Warranty Benefits For You

An extended warranty period of three (or even five) years. A better warranty and peace of mind for much much longer!

All replacement parts, labour costs, travel, and freight costs fully covered.

Local on-site service for your convenience.

High priority Same Day or Next Day service. No waiting and waiting for your PC to be fixed with a very slow low priority Return To Base (RTB) warranty that is all the ACL provides (for IT and similiar products).

'Instant' free parts replacement of faulty parts. No waiting weeks and weeks while faulty parts are shipped back to distributor for testing and possible replacement, or having to pay for all parts and labour after the first 12 months.

Replacement parts the same or better than faulty parts. No cheap 'no name' parts used to replace quality components. National Warranty Services warranties maintains the build quality you paid for!

Efficient helpful service by friendly National Warranty Services service centre staff. Unlike other warranty companies, the National Warranty Services Service Team always try to provide friendly helpful efficient service when you call with a problem.

Peace of mind for three, or even five years, at a very cost effective price. Depending on the type of warranty and product, and the product RRP, typically an Australia-wide high priority local on-site computer warranty is only $1 per week or less! For complete peace of mind about PC problems, eliminate long service delays, inconvenience, and wasted time. No matter where you are and no matter where you move, National Warranty Services will be around to help you.

And only National Warranty Services have the patented 'Instant' Warranty Delivery & Activation System. So that, as an Authorised National Warranty Services Reseller, we can instantly deliver whatever National Warranty Services warranty for almost every IT and electronic product. 24 x 7.

And the patented 'Instant' Warranty Delivery & Activation System means that your warranty is instantly registered & activated for you at the same time. Nothing for you to do or to worry about later. Prevents any problems or service delays if you have a fault later.

 For around just $1 per week or less) (for most computers), why take the risk? 

National Warranty Services don't want any doubts to hold you back.

So National Warranty Services give you a  30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Call NWS on 1300 765 860 to find out more about NWS warranties.

Listen To What Our Customers & Resellers Say ...

"Almost three years ago National Warranties came into my life when I purchased a computer from xxx ... I had plenty of problems with this purchase over the next two and a half years!

I would like to express my huge appreciation for the superb service that I received ... at all times. Harry was always polite and helpful, he always acted promptly to resolve the situation and went that extra mile each time by finding a repairer that was the most convenient for me to access. I am not familiar with the workings of computers and Harry always patiently explained things to me until I understood them.

I would recommend your services to anybody and will certainly do so given the opportunity. Kind wishes." Shirley.

Will You Wait Weeks For Parts?

Or Do You Want 'Instant' Parts Replacement?

If your computer does have a faulty part, the chances are that you will have to wait while we send the faulty part back to the parts manufacturer or distributor, and then wait for them to send back a replacement part to be fitted.

"Dealing with National Warranty Services is a pleasure. I love the sense of humour that weaves its way through all areas of our dealings with National Warranty Services. It is a refreshing change to be respected as a customer and have them strive to serve you with a quality far above the rest." Allie. W.A.

Will You Wait Days For Someone To Get Around To Fixing Your Computer?

Or Do You Want High Priority 'Same Day' On-site Service?

Have a think about this. Once you have got your faulty computer back to your Reseller for 'free' basic RTB service, unfortunately, 'free' service can never be a high priority.

When you have a premium National Warranty Services warranty, National Warranty Services are paying your Reseller or another Service Agent to give you high priority Same Day service. so it is not very slow low priority free service any more.

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have been, and the courtesy and consideration you have extended to me whenever I have had trouble with my computer. It has been really appreciated. I am only too happy to recommend National Warranty Services to anyone needing or wanting extended warranty services." Gail Bailey.

Do You Want To Have To Pack Up Your Computer and Bring It Back?

Or Do You Want Australia-Wide Local On-site Service?

Did you know that your usual warranty is (probably) the standard basic 'RTB' warranty? That means 'Return To Base'. Meaning you have to pack up and return your computer top your Reseller at your own time and expense.

So, if you live close enough, you probably have to take some time off work and drive here. If you don't live close, then you have to organise and pay for a courier or someone to deliver it here and back again.

"It is rare in today's business world to deal with genuinely customer focused service such as is found with National Warranty Services. Not just the end user but also the resellers and dealers are treated with very high level of courtesy. The extent that National Warranty Services looks after its customers is simply astounding." Clive Malanda Qld.

With an ACL 'RTB' Warranty Maybe You Only Get 12 Months Coverage.
(But Who Knows?)

Or Do You Want A Whole Three Years?

One of the basic things about the statutory ACL 'RTB' warranties is they are (nominally) almost always only for 12 months or maybe less. After that, hasta la vista, baby. All bets are off.

(In fact the ACL doesn't actually say how long any ACL 'Consumer Guarantee' actually is. The period is totally undefined. That's right, no-one actually knows how long it is for anything. Now that could start a few arguments.)

Bought Your Computer Already?

Aren't you lucky. Only NWS Provide Back-dated Warranties

Even if you have already purchased your system or product, you can still purchase a National Warranty Services Premium warranty if your system or product was purchased less than 90 days ago (and has no existing faults).

And only National Warranty Services offer this 'back-dated' warranty offer.

National Warranty Services.
Helping, not hindering our customers.
Fixing problems, not causing problems.

"We are very happy with our relationship with National Warranty Services, the staff are always very friendly and attentive to our needs ... and are easily the most flexible warranty company we have dealt with. We can rest assured that our customers will receive the best quality service possible and hope to continue doing business with National Warranty Services well into the future..." David. Qld.

"We only use National Warranty Services and we are very happy with your service and we will continue to use your service.

Once again thank you for all your efforts."


"We utilise National Warranties for all of our On-site Warranties and for the last 2 years we have always found them to be helpful, courteous and prompt in dealing with any challenges that may arise.

I find Don and his team to be extremely professional in all their business communications."


 For around just $1 per week or less) (for most computers), why take the risk? 

National Warranty Services don't want any doubts to hold you back.

So National Warranty Services give you a  30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Call NWS on 1300 765 860 to find out more about NWS warranties.



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