NWS. Australia's biggest and best 3rd Party Warranty company.

Used by more people than any other Australian warranty company.

Used by more Resellers than any other Australian warranty company.

A premium NWS warranty gives you so many great benefits.

Benefits you definitely don't get under the Australian Consumer Law!

A warranty period of up to five years. A far better warranty and peace of mind for so much longer!

Australia’s largest Service Agent network. Over 3,900 local Service Agents all over Australia.

All replacement parts, all service costs, all fully covered.

No inconvenient, and often costly, need to have to take, or send, your faulty product back to your Reseller when you only have the basic warranty provided by the Australia Consumer Law (ACL).

No worries, hassles, or arguments, or even court cases, with your Reseller about how long your ACL 'Consumer Guarantee' period is - because the ACL does NOT define the Consumer Guarantee period for any product at all, and only says it varies depending on the product price, the product, and the product usage.

A variety of service and response types to suit the product, and your convenience. Local on-site service, 'Return to the Nearest Service Agent' service, Customer 'Mail-in' (often with free Reply Paid service) - all for your convenience and fast service & repair.

High Priority Same Day service*. No waiting and waiting for your computer or product to be fixed because you only have very slow low priority service because your Reseller has to do it for free. * Service type varies with type of product and type of warranty purchased.

High Priority 'Instant' free parts replacement of faulty parts (where parts are available), or high priority overnight shipping of replacement parts. No waiting weeks & weeks (& weeks) while faulty parts are shipped back to the Distributor for testing and replacement while under Manufacturer's warranty or the ACL, or having to pay for parts & service after that.

Replacement parts and products the same or better than the original faulty part. No cheap 'no name' parts used to replace quality components. NWS warranties maintains the build and product quality you paid for!

Efficient, helpful service by the friendly NWS Operations Centre staff. Unlike other warranty companies, the NWS Service Team always try to provide friendly, helpful, efficient service when you call with a problem.

And only NWS have a patented on-line one-step Instant Warranty Purchase, Delivery & Activation System. So that, you can get whatever NWS warranty you want - instantly. 24 x 7.

And the patented 'Instant' Warranty Purchase & Delivery System means that your warranty is instantly registered & activated at the same time. Nothing for you to worry about later. Prevents any problems or service delays if you have a problem later.

Peace of mind for up to five years, at a very cost effective price. Pay around just $1 per week (for typical PCs. Varies for other products and price ranges.) for complete peace of mind about any faults, eliminate long service delays, inconvenience, and wasted time. No matter where you are and no matter where you move, NWS will be around to help you.

For around just $1 per week (for most computers),

why take the risk?

Generally much less for most other products like tablets, mobile phones, GPS, cameras, etc.

And we don't want any doubts to hold you back.

That is why we give you a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

National Warranty Service (NWS). Australia's leading 3rd Party warranty company. Leading in quality service, leading in flexibility & innovation, leading in service coverage, leading in warranty solutions.

Providing great warranty service all over Australia for over ten years.

And NWS has, by far, the largest network of Service Agents of any company in Australia, with over 3,900 located all around Australia, and certainly, not just one, but several Service Agents near you.

With National Warranty Services' warranties, you get outstanding High Priority Same Day local on-site warranty service, Australia-wide, with 'instant' parts replacement (depending on product and warranty purchased).

A key difference is that National Warranty Services is run as service company, by service professionals, not as an insurance company, run by accountants (and sales hype)!

Simply, this means that you get speedy, efficient, helpful, friendly service for up to three or even five years.

For around a $1 per week for computers under $3,000.

NWS also provide the premium warranties for virtually all consumer electronic and IT products - notebooks, tablets, netbooks, GPS, mobile phones, TVs, printers, media centres, AV, cameras, and much more. Warranty prices for these products are generally much less than computer warranties, but vary depending on the product type, the product RRP, and the warranty purchased.

Bought Your Computer or Product Already?

Aren't you lucky NWS provide 'Back-Dated' Warranties?

Even if you have already purchased your system or product, you can still purchase a NWS Premium warranty (if it has no pre-existing faults).

Only NWS provide back-dated warranties for your convenience!

"Almost three years ago National Warranties came into my life when I purchased a computer from xxx ... I had plenty of problems with this purchase over the next two and a half years!

I would like to express my huge appreciation for the superb service that I received ... at all times. Harry was always polite and helpful, he always acted promptly to resolve the situation and went that extra mile each time by finding a repairer that was the most convenient for me to access. I am not familiar with the workings of computers and Harry always patiently explained things to me until I understood them.

I would recommend your services to anybody and will certainly do so given the opportunity. Kind wishes." Shirley.

"Dealing with NWS is a pleasure. I love the sense of humour that weaves its way through all areas of our dealings with NWS. It is a refreshing change to be respected as a customer and have them strive to serve you with a quality far above the rest." Allie. W.A.

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have been, and the courtesy and consideration you have extended to me whenever I have had trouble with my computer. It has been really appreciated. I am only too happy to recommend National Warranty Services to anyone needing or wanting extended warranty services." Gail Bailey.

A service company run by service professionals.
Not an insurance company run by accountants.

"It is rare in today's business world to deal with genuinely customer focused service such as is found with National Warranty Services. Not just the end user but also the resellers and dealers are treated with very high level of courtesy. The extent that NWS looks after its customers is simply astounding." Clive Malanda Qld.

Warranties without the weasel words.

"We only use NWS and we are very happy with your service and we will continue to use your service.

Once again thank you for all your efforts."


"We utilise National Warranty Services for all of our warranties and for the last 2 years we have always found them to be helpful, courteous and prompt in dealing with any challenges that may arise.

I find Don and his team to be extremely professional in all their communications."

Hani Faris


NWS Customer Testimonials