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Dear Colleague or Customer

Many thanks for your time & effort to give us your feedback.

Positive feedback is always great, and it always encouraging to hear that you have been pleased with our service and/or attitude; but, as well, it is even more important to hear where you felt we didn't do very well in dealing with your call or situation. Especially if it is constructive.

[Of course, bear in mind that National Warranty Services is first & foremost a warranty and warranty service company. And, the fact is that our normal warranties, with the price paid for them, just cannot cover every situation, problem, or fault that arises. Of course, as we like to say, our warranties could cover anything at all - if people were prepared to pay the cost of covering the risk involved & providing the service. :-)]

Plus you may have one or more great suggestions or ideas of how National Warranty Services could improve, or something you would like us to do, or provide, or add. That would be really fantastic because we are always looking for great ideas we haven't thought of. Especially as they would be things YOU want or need.

We appreciate all your comments a great deal. Go for it.

Many thanks again!

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